1. Free


Laura Principato

I know my life is not for luxury
You said, "Pick your cross daily and follow Me."
I will show you what was a mystery
Not what is now, but what will be
And I will lead you to victory

Lord, take me by the hand, and lead me, lead me
Lord, take my heart and free me, free me
You are the Bread of Life, so feed me, feed me
Plant a seed in my heart and leave it there, leave it there
Not to be snatched out by the enemy
Jesus, in You I am free

Walk by faith, not by sight
Trust in the Lord with all your might
He'll show you what's wrong or right
Just take His hand and hold on tight
Put on the armor and fight the good fight

Lord, take my mind and move me, move me
Stand by my side and hold me, hold me
Take my stubborn will and mold me, mold me
Into the woman that You want me to be
Let your spirit in and consume me
Jesus, in You I am free

BRIDGE: Whoever the Son sets free will be free indeed, and I know that He lives, because He lives in me
Whoever the Son sets free will be free indeed, and I know that He lives because He lives!

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